9 Steps to Launching A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign for Your Cause!


Can you imagine quickly raising the capital you need to fund your creative project or cause?

How good would it feel to launch an amazing crowdfunding campaign that not only helps you raise the funds you need, but also helps you create a community of passionate supporters?


In this free step-by-step guide, You’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right crowdfunding platform for your unique project
  • The steps to take to prepare your campaign before launch
  • How to find & land contributors for your project
  • The top tools for keeping momentum high during your campaign
  • The #1 tip for launching an amazing campaign that converts from the beginning


Hi, I'm Elisabetta!

I'm the founder of the Global Dream Collective, a community and resource for adventurous, creative women who are using their gifts to make a difference in the world through purpose-driven projects!

I've created several social enterprises including the non-profit, Kurandza, with the mission to empower women and girls in Mozambique! In the past year, I've launched three crowdfunding campaigns and raised nearly $20,000 in crowdfunding funds to create powerful change in the world!

I'm excited to share my top tips on how I did this with you!

XO, Elisabetta