Who are you?

Have you ever felt not like yourself?

Like you don't know what to say or do and instead retreat and become quiet and disinterested?

I've always known who I was and always have clear dreams. Except for these last few months.

I've been having an identiy crisis. It feels exhausting to try and remember who I am. Or accept the fact that I've changed.

It would be easier to run away to a tropical island or far away land. It would be easier to start over with no one who knows me. So that I don't have to prove anything or be anything.

People in my life have expectations for the fun, interesting, and interested person I've always been. But if I run away, no one would know who I am and I can be whoever.

But running away isn't the answer.

Surrendering and letting myself be myself even though I'm not the same is ok. Showing compassion towards myself is what's getting me through.