When you're tired, rest.

A novel idea is to rest when you're tired, not quit. I wish I could saythat I always took this wise advice.

Lately I have been so burned out that I thought I may be on the brink of giving up. Giving up something that I hold so dear: my love for humanity and helping to make a difference.

With everything going wrong in the world, and with all the time and money that I have put towards making things better for one tiny village in East Africa, but still not seeing the results I had expected has been difficult. It's pushed me to question what and why I'm doing what I'm doing and if it's a foolish feat.

But today I regained a bit of my old self.

A lady at an event I went to was trying to convince me to abandon my organization. She has been in the non-profit industry for over 30 years and wanted to discourage me from this life. Every question she asked me in order to help me see that this was a bad idea was met with a thoughtful and passionate response. I was surprised at how much I still cared about this work and how much it still meant to me.

She asked me how I thought it would work out given that I'm waitressing part time and am the only one in the States who is helping with fundraising. I told her that I knew everything would work out, but wasn't exactly sure how yet.

There it was. My optimism. My hope. My belief.

I was proud of myself.

I saw myself in a new light. Well... a light that I hadn't seen for a while.

I'm excited for this new chapter. It can only get better with rest, reflection, and growth.