3 Ways to Avoid Creative Burnout

Most of us entrepreneurs choose the self-employed life because we want to follow our passion and be our own boss. We want to have the freedom to choose how we live our lives and do it on our own terms. Many times we think that running our own business will afford us the freedom of choosing when to vacation and how to live a balanced life. But far too many times we trade in the 9-5 for 24/7 and we become burned out.

1) Set boundaries- I remember one of my friends saying that I should visit her because she has a strict schedule and can't make the hour drive to my place during the week, but since I'm self-employed, I can do it whenever I want. Wrong. As an entrepreneur this often means meetings all day, posts to write, emails to follow up with, and content to prepare. This doesn't mean we sit in our PJs all day and watch netflix (well, most of the time it doesn't ;)). 

By setting boundaries, such as: Work Monday- Thurs from 9am- 6pm, you can know exactly what you're capable of doing. Then if you want to go hang with friends on a Thursday night, you can! But you also don't promise to hang on Tuesdays and then catch up with work on the weekend. No fun.

2) Find your tribe- I couldn't fully relate to my friends until I started to find more girl boss friends. I joined a few masterminds and attended networking events for creative women entrepreneurs, travelers, and returned Peace Corps Volunteers. The time I spent with my tribe allowed me to bounce ideas off each other and share what I had been doing with my business.

Then when I hung out with my non-entrepreneur friends, it allowed me to talk about other things and not "bore" them with business topics. Let's face it, not everyone wants to hear about all the trials and tribulations of starting your own business.

3) Practice balance- All work and no play... yeah we know the line. Any who, finding balance with business, friends, health, self care, fun, hobbies is so important! Write a list of all the things that light you up and then see how you can fit them into your schedule! Write them in or else they probably won't happen.

For me, I love journaling, yoga, going to the gym, being in nature, hanging out with friends, reading, sports games, concerts, taking classes, and volunteering-- among others. By doing these other activities on a regular basis I remember my true identity and don't let my business become all of who I am!

4) Delete, delegate, or delay-