Fuck Perfect

Today I noticed that I'm a perfectionist even in relationships. And if the relationship isn't PERFECT, then I don't care. It's a waste of time for me to try when it's not perfect. So I stop caring, stop trying, get resentful that it's not perfect and sabotage it.

I noticed this today at work waitressing. The manager was being sarcastic with me in a way that seemed like he was disrespecting me and giving me attitude. I have a problem with authority figures trying to show me who's number one. So I thought, ok that's the end of this. No more talking to him, no more smiling. It's over.

Then I thought that God was trying to teach me a lesson. To try even if things arn't perfect. Kind of like a challenge. The worse things seem to be, see if you can still have a good relationship with that person.

I realized that this could relate to any aspect of life. With my business, my diet, my lifestyle, my website, anything!

Things don't need to be perfect. Actually nothing is perfect. It's kind of nice to have a good, working relationship even when things haven't been perfect. Those relationships stand the test of time.