Counterintuitive Productivity Hacks

I just read a great article about making a "stop doing list". You know how we always try to be more productive by setting goals and making to-do lists, but the truth of the matter is that we try to do all these things while we're simultaneously doing so many things that we shouldn't be doing!

If you only had a few more years to live, what would you stop doing right now?

My list is pretty thematic:

1. Stop caring what others think so much.

2. Stop overthinking.

3. Stop worrying about if I mess up.

4. Stop taking things so personal.

5. Stop beating myself up.

6. Stop checking email and social media more than twice a day.

7. Stop hanging out with people or go to events that don't bring me joy.

8. Stop talking on the phone with people who don't bring me joy.

9. Stop looking at things before I'm ready to deal with them.