Word War: Losing is Winning

I always thought that I was really bad at winning arguments. That it must mean that I'm not assertive enough or that I need to study my cases better.

But lately I realized that the reason why I usually don't win arguments is because I am so empathetic that I can put myself in the other's shoes and see their perspective from their eyes. I see their stance and even if I don't completely agree with it, I understand it, and because of that, I become disarmed and rejoice in our similarities and where we see eye to eye.

I was always a peacemaker at school. The teachers would tell my mom that I would stick up for the kids that got picked on, and that I would always try to make everyone be friends with each other.

I want us to come together and get along. In a perfect world we would. We would all be able to see our similarities rather than our differences.

It's not as far off as we think. I think it's possible.