5 ways to incorporate more purpose into your life

Everyone wants to life a purposeful life... to have meaning, to make a difference, to feel valued.

Sometimes looking on Instagram and hearing about all the cool things other people are doing, makes us feel like we can't do anything that big, so we do nothing.

But here's the thing. It's better to help one person, than no one. Tweet this!

So let's take a tip from Tiny Habits, and start small with this whole purposeful thing.

Here are 5 ways to incorporate more purpose in your life without radically changing your lifestyle-- no need to become a Peace Corps volunteer or sell all your possessions and move to India (although both would be awesome!)

1. Read your label. Here I'm talking both about food and clothing, and pretty much everything else you buy. Instead of becoming resigned and indifferent, check out where it's made and by whom. #whomadeitmatters. I notice that many times, cheap food and clothing are the main ways people try to save money. But why? We actually ingest the food and it keeps us healthy (or unhealthy) and we wear are clothes for hours and hours each day. Instead of buying cheap food, how about splurging on yourself with the organic, fresh (non-processed) choices, and then walk or bike to work instead of paying for gas or a cab. 

2. Volunteer. This doesn't have to be abroad! This could be in your very own town!

3. Listen. We're so worried about the next thing that we're going to say, that we often don't even listen to what others are saying. Today practice being a good listener! Listen actively and you'll know what to say without thinking about it so much. And the other person will feel listened to and important.

4. Be like MLK and rise above. There is so much hate in the world and with our upcoming election, I can barely stand to look at my FB feed. People are using hateful words to talk about how someone else was being hateful. Remember that hate cannot drive out darkness, only love can. Instead of answering a hateful or disturbing comment with another one, let's be the bigger person and answer with love.

5. Declutter. Have you read the Marie Kondo book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"? It's pretty much well life-changing as the title suggests. Kondo focuses on the idea of surrounding yourself only with the things in your life that "spark joy". That means getting rid of the old dresses that you think you may wear one day-- getting rid of everything you think you need, but dislike looking at, it may even mean not hanging out with the friends who bring you down.

Which one of these tips will you be practicing today?