Fear of Sharing Your Story

Have you ever felt afraid to share your story with the world? Of sounding perfect without pushing your cause on people?

Because of that fear do you shy away from speaking in public and sharing your story with the people you meet?! 

I’ve felt this way about Kurandza at times. I wonder... will people relate? Will people understand? Will people even care?

Over the weekend I went to a charity dinner, and the organizer called me up on the spot to talk about the work I do in Mozambique. I wasn't expecting to talk at the event, and I didn't have anything prepared. I didn't have time to overthink things, so I just spoke from the heart. It wasn't perfect or polished, but it was authentic.

Afterwards one of the dinner guests walked up to me and handed me a check for $1000.00.

Whoa! I had just met this person, and he believed in me and my vision enough to do that!

Other people donated too.

This experience helped me see that the one thing I almost never do--- share my story-- is the one thing that will change everything for me! That I need to move past the fear of saying it all right and looking good, and just get out there and share! So much is possible now!

Go out there and do that one thing that you've been avoiding because of fear! The world needs you! <3

Who can relate?!