Never waste your pain!

When we go through hard times or "suffering" in life, it can be such a difficult experience and we may feel like we'll never get through it, but as cliche as it sounds, it can only make us stronger.

We can use it as a way to grow and become the true versions of ourselves.

Look at life as a blank canvas. Everything can be possible from your hardest moments. All that can happen is improvement and joy.

Let these trying moments show you how strong you really are and what type of will you have to live. Not just live, but live extraordinarily.

You got this.

My dad passed away when I was a baby, I was raised by a single mom, cheated on by more than one ex-boyfriends, I was in a flood, assaulted and robbed, hit rock bottom financially, kicked out of my house, and failure as a business. Everyone has different challenges in life-- these are mine. This last summer with the hunger crisis in Mozambique I had been questioning the meaning of life, God, and my purpose. I got very low and even wandered in the bush in Mozambique without a care in the world (not something someone does in the right mindset)-- but I felt like I had nothing else to lose. Like my life had no value.

Little by little I've been regaining strength and have realized that these dark times can only help me on my journey through life. I am learning and growing and becoming an even better version of myself.

You can do it too.

Who am I now, after I've lost everything? -Elizabeth Gilbert