Keeping Momentum Up During Your Crowdfunding Campaign!

For those of us who have run crowdfunding campaigns before, we know how exhausting they can be! Being visible 24/7 and spreading the word about your cause can be draining at times, especially when your campaign is over half way done and you’re not sure if you're going to reach your goal or not! It can be easy to have feelings of giving up, posts can start to become more sporadic, and the email pitches begin to stop. You may even start to believe that you may not reach your goal-- but don’t you give up! This is over yet!

Crowdfunding isn’t a sprint, it’s a long-distance run that requires consistency and constant attention. It requires you as the crowdfunder to hold the belief that no matter what, you WILL reach your goal. Even if you don’t know HOW. You just need to keep that goal number in your mind and keep taking consistent action every day during the campaign. You need to stay top of mind by maintaining your visibility. Remember that it usually takes at least 7 views of a call to action until someone actually acts on it.

Photo Cred // @TwoLittleBirdsWanderWest

Photo Cred // @TwoLittleBirdsWanderWest

There are so many things you can do you reinvigorate your crowdfunding efforts. These activities are better for some than others, and you need to decide what activity will make the biggest difference for your campaign.

Here's a list of ideas to re-energize your campaign, especially when you’re in the last stretch!

1.     Follow up with everyone you emailed to announce the campaign to and let them know that you only have X days left and you’d love to reach your goal of X! Ask them to consider donating any amount, big or small, and if they are unable to contribute at that time and would still like to help support the campaign, that they share this email with their network. If you didn’t email everyone in your network at the start of the campaign, it’s not too late—here is your chance to do so now!

2.     Post updates on social media that show how much progress you have already made. People LOVE seeing progress, and they also love helping others reach attainable goals. Say your final goal is $10,000 and you’re at $4,250. Create a post that says that you’d love to reach 50% of your goal by X date, which only requires $750 more! Make goals realistic and attainable for your people!

3.     Post on social media thanking everyone who has already contributed, and TAG them! People love knowing that they’ve made a difference, and they’ll naturally want to spread the word if you tag them. Another advantage to this is that when you publically announce who already donated, if a mutual friend sees that their friend donated, they will feel the urge to do the same-- it's social proof in action!

4.     Send a new press release out with your new goal and announce what impact you’ll already be able to make with the money you’ve raised so far, and how much impact you could make if you were to reach your final goal. Include the link to your campaign in the pitch, and also include an alternative mailing address if people prefer to send a check. Make it easy for your supporters to continue supporting your cause! If you didn’t send out a press release at the start of your campaign, do so now!! If you need help crafting the perfect crowdfunding press release, it's something we cover in my crowdfunding digital e-course that's launching at the end of the month!

5.     Create in-person events. Ask local churches to take up collections for your cause, create a guest bartending or cocktail hour event, ask people in your network to throw a car wash, bake sale, or garage sale to help out. Get creative! Can you visit your former high school or college and speak about what you’re doing? Can you visit your place of work and give a presentation? What do you have access to in the form of contacts and resources? Use those contacts and resources to plan some in-person events for your campaign! 

Photo Cred // @TwoLittleBirdsWanderWest

Photo Cred // @TwoLittleBirdsWanderWest

What is the most difficult part of running a crowdfunding campaign? Let me know in the comments below!

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