You've got some big dreams. 

You're here to make a difference, find fulfillment, and live an amazing life that you adore!

The way you've chosen to be a force for good in the world is by creating a purpose-driven company.

And something unique about your company is that the main focus is on IMPACT.

Maybe you've already connected the dots, and maybe you need some help along the way. 

You're here to change the world. Let's do just that!


Introducing the Global Dream Collective

I believe that coming together in collaboration will change the world. I believe that together, we can create fulfillment, freedom, and impact. The Global Dream Collective is a community and resource for ambitious, purpose-driven women who are committed to living an intentional, conscious life while impacting the world and driving forward their social causes. Explore our resources here!

Hi there!  I’m Elisabetta and I'm the Founder of the Global Dream Collective. I'm also the founder of the #IStandForGirls campaign and Kurandza, a social enterprise non-profit that uses education to empower women and girls in eastern Africa!

In today's world, we need more people to come together to create heart-centered, social good businesses and organizations. There are so many important causes in the world, and doing this work is brings never-ending fulfillment... but, it's not always easy.

Burnout, compassion fatigue, logistics of working in developing countries, struggles of finding ethical and sustainable supply chains, and oh so many other things can become daily struggles.

What I've discovered is that when you have a dedicated mentor by your side who's done it before and who can help guide you along the way, everything seems so much easier! You get out of your head, stop feeling so overwhelmed, and start taking action on your amazing vision!

If you're a big-hearted woman with a vision to change the world, I would LOVE to work with you!

Let's connect!


Be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi