Hey, Dreamer!

Are you ready to grow your social impact project without feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or like you have to do it by yourself?

Is it time to get serious about creating ways to start earning a sustainable income so that you can continue to do the work you love to do in the world without feeling burned out?

Are you excited to come together with like-minded women, who have your back and are there to give you feedback, support, and accountability so that you don't have to do this entrepreneurship thing all alone?

Do you want to stop feeling scattered and overwhelmed with the massive to-do list and finally have some clarity and a strategic plan that helps you prioritize the exact steps to take for your year?

If this sounds like you, then I'm so excited to tell you about my new program!


The Global Dreamers Mastermind

A 6-month Journey for Women Changemakers ready to take inspired action, follow their dreams, and make a greater impact in the world!

Starting February, 2018!

The Global Dreamers Mastermind is a 6-month journey for women who are ready to start creating the life they crave-- to start going for their big dreams, and who have the support of a mentor and community of fellow dreamers by their side! 

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Hi, I'm Elisabetta!

I'm the founder of the Global Dream Collective, a community and resource for adventurous, creative women who are using their gifts to make a difference in the world!

I've created several social enterprises including the non-profit, Kurandza, with the mission to empower women and girls in Mozambique! One of the best investments I've made in growing my non-profit and business was to join a mastermind! Even though it was a reach for me to make a 4-figure investment at the time, it's been one of the biggest gamechangers for me and my businesses, and I've since joined other masterminds and plan on continuing participating in masterminds in the future!

The support you get from a devoted mentor and close-knit group of women, especially when they share the same values and interests as you, has been invaluable, and I credit my involvement with masterminds as one of the big reasons I've been able to create so much success!

Because I believe in the power of community, I've created my own Global Dreamers Mastermind for purpose-driven women, and I can't wait to share it with you!

XO, Elisabetta


Our Schedule...

Month 1: Connection + Strategic Planning

In mid-February we will have our first call, a deep dive "virtual retreat" where we will spend time getting to know each other and learn about what we're creating, and then we will dive into strategic planning-- creating a vision for 2018 and breaking our biggest goals up into quarterly plans.

Month 2: Social Impact

In March, we will have 2 group calls, a hotseats call and a co-working session. The focus of our month will be "social impact," which includes creating a strong foundation for our social impact project-- making sure that we are intentional about creating a sustainable project that shows respect and dignity to all parties involved. We will also learn about impact reports this month.

Month 3: Community Building

In April, we will have 2 group calls, a hotseats call and a co-working session. The focus of our month will be on "community building" and will include: working with bloggers and the press, creating a strong community of supporters (donors and/or customers), and relationship-building.

Month 4: Fundraising

In May, we will have 2 group calls, a hotseats call and a co-working session. The focus of our month will be on "fundraising" and will include: crowdfunding, retail partnerships, events, grants, campaigns, and other revenue-generating activities.

Month 5: Systems

In June, we will have 2 group calls, a hotseats call and a co-working session. The focus of our month will be on "systems" and will cover automation, organization, outsourcing, and securing support. Systems help us set our business up for long-term success so that we can spend more time working "on" our business and less time working "in" our business!

Month 6: Self-Care + Celebration

During the last month of July, we will be focusing on integrating self-care, fun, and balance into our business. We will also celebrate how far you've come in 6 months!

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What's Included in your experience...

Monthly "Hotseats" Group Call

During these hotseats-style group calls, you, along with the other mastermind members will have your own time to talk about what you're currently working on, and what you need help with the most so that you can receive specialized feedback from the group! Come with your business questions, concerns, updates, and wins!

Monthly Group Training + Co-working session

Every month we will have 90 minutes to jam together on the most important revenue-generating activities. During these co-working sessions, you will have the chance to work on those important tasks you've been putting off so that you can get these items checked off your to-do list! Select Co-Working Calls will also start with a training before we head into our to-dos!

Weekly small group Accountability call

You will be matched with 2-3 other women with similarly focused projects from the group, and you will have the opportunity to meet with them every week for in-depth support, encouragement, and accountability.

Private Facebook Group

From the moment you enroll, you'll have access to our private online space to connect with the community and Elisabetta for feedback. Come with questions, concerns, and celebrations!

(3) 30-minute Private calls with Elisabetta

Three "when you need them" calls that you can schedule anytime you want during our 6 months together. These calls are perfect for when you're launching a new project or when you're dealing with a block that you want specific guidance with! 

BONUS: $500 Discount on the 2018 Social Impact Retreat

If you sign up for the Global Dreamers Mastermind, you’ll receive a $500 discount on the 2018 Social Impact Retreat. This first retreat will be in beautiful Jinja, Uganda, located on the Nile River. Together we will visit artisan cooperatives and local non-profits to create connections and get inspired! We'll also have trainings, participate in co-working sessions and cultural immersion, go on a Nile cruise, and have an optional trip to Murchison Park for a once in a lifetime safari adventure!


Early sign-ups also get a free 1-Hour One-On-One Strategy Call with me ($195 value).

The women I work with have used these strategy sessions for everything from creating an action plan for pitching press or fundraising launch plans, going over the exact steps to become a legal entity, working through mindset blocks, having a website audit, and more!

We can get so much done in an hour! If you're thinking of joining the mastermind, I suggest applying asap to receive this bonus!



This is for you if...

  • You want to become a part of a like-minded community of women who are making a difference in the world!
  • You have already launched your social good venture or you have an idea of one that you want to launch.

  • You want to feel less overwhelmed and need guidance on how to prioritize your tasks to create a clear action plan.

  • You're desiring more camraderie and collaboration, coming together with like-minded women for encouragement and to share resources, insight, feedback, and advice.

  • You're ready to invest in yourself and your dreams, and put in the work to grow your movement in the world!

  • You're looking to overcome some of your limiting mental blocks, and desire a strong group of women to cheer you on through this!

  • You're excited to have accountability partners alongside you as you create your biggest dreams!

NOTE: The Global Dreamers Mastermind is only open to women who are starting or growing a socially-minded company. Examples of these can be non-profits, or clean beauty, ethical fashion, conscious travel, and other social enterprises.


Want to work one-on-one instead?

If now is not the right time to join this mastermind, check out my one-on-one mentorship options. I offer monthly mentorship packages and one-on-one strategy sessions. These services may be exactly what you're looking for to gain clarity so you can create the impact you want to create in the world!

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"
-African Proverb