Creating a social-driven business can be easy! 

And You shouldn't have to do it alone!

You're passionate, adventurous, and caring. Life to you involves being part of something bigger than yourself.

You dream of impacting the world through meaningful work. You have no limit of heart, but you need help putting it all together. 

You're tired of feeling burned-out and frustrated. You care about more than just making an income, you want to make an impact.

I'm here to help you!

I've gathered tons of tools, inspiration, and resources on my own path to creating an impact that I hope will help you on yours!




Hi! I'm Elisabetta and I'm so excited you're here!

If you're a change-making woman who is up to big things in the world, then I want to support you!

I remember what it was like when I was first starting, and even now, I still need help narrowing my vision and finding alignment.

It's so exciting to learn about what makes you, you, and how we can leverage that to create an aligned social-driven business. Together we can create a business that not only brings in revenue to support your dream lifestyle, but also one that affords you freedom, fulfillment, and a life you love.

I've been there burned out, uncertain, and on the verge of giving up, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

Let me lead you into the direction of your dreams. And let's have some fun doing it!



"Buy Me Coffee" Session

60-Minute Call


The Global dreamers Mastermind

Version 2

One-on-One Mentorship

6-Month or 1-DAY INTENSIVE

Are you thinking about starting your own non-profit, ethical fashion company, or social enterprise, but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you're curious about living a location-independent life and working abroad. This 60-minute session is designed for you to ask me whatever questions you'd like-- it's the perfect opportunity to "pick my brain"! Past clients have used these sessions to ask about the steps necessary in becoming a non-profit, how to start a crowdfunding campaign, or talking through a new launch. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn in 60 minutes!

The Global Dreamers Mastermind is for women who are ready to start creating the life they crave-- to start going for their big dreams, and who have the support of a mentor and community of fellow dreamers by their side! The 2018 mastermind included a virtual quarterly planning session,  monthly "hotseats" calls, monthly co-working sessions, skillshares with the other mastermind participants, small accountability groups, a private Facebook group, workbooks on impact, fundraising, and community building. Sign-up for the 2019 waitlist below!

Looking for ongoing support and guidance while you start or grow your purpose-driven company? I offer a limited amount of 6-month mentorships to help heart-centered, ambitious women create a strategic action plan, develop systems, generate more revenue, and make a bigger impact. Included in your mentorship is a Welcome Workbook, 2-hour deep dive session, bi-monthly calls, customized resources & recommendations and "when you need it" e-mail support. Want to pack 6-months of mentorship into one entire day? Full-day in-person or virtual intensives are also available!

Curious in discovering my vibe before we commit to a business relationship? That's totally fine! I only work with people that I LOVE and that love me back, so talking beforehand is the best way to do so!


To be united with Elisabetta has been a breath of fresh air. In all she has created throughout her life and career, her perspective, the lens in which she views the world, and compassion have reminded me that we all really can leave this world better than we came into it if we stay committed to our heart’s calling. Elisabetta not only has a wide skill set full of on the ground practical experience, she has the ability to see all humans equally and the brilliance to create long-term innovative solutions wherever she is working.
— Ashley Turner, Hazel & Pine and Cultivation Society, Uganda
Elisabetta is a ray of sunshine! I can’t imagine her ever telling you something’s not possible! Instead, she will connect you to other changemakers in her network to help you find the answers you seek, and coach you to find solutions that are sustainable for both your project and you personally, as the one who has to lead it. She really cares about what she does and about others trying to make a change in the world too. She is an inspirational leader, patient, kind & one of the most positive people you will ever meet!
— Georgina-Kate Adams, The Seed, Africa, Swaziland
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As a fellow conscious entrepreneur, Elisabetta has inspired me to bring more compassion to everything I do. Through watching her create and shape Kurandza, I was moved to start looking at ways I could be more holistic about my approach to impact. She’s a truly special human being who has given her word to bringing more empowerment and education to communities worldwide. She embodies the love and light the world needs more of!
— Julia Wells, Conscious Compass

Let's get started!